Fire Hydrants (Ductile Iron)

With Jones, all the proven internal performance features you have come to know in our bronze hydrant are transferred to a ductile iron body through the use of interchangeable parts, reducing the need for large parts inventories. This dependable hydrant offers excellent flow characteristics, serviceability, and is available in both 250 and 350 psi (HP series) ratings. Produced by Mueller Co. at it's Albertville, Alabama plant, these hydrants comply with AIS requirements.

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Triton® J-4038 & J-4038HP

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Triton® J-4040 & J-4040HP


Triton® J-4048 & J-4048HP


Triton® J-4060 & J-4060HP


Triton® J-4060M & J4060MHP


Triton® J-4065